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   Feb 14

Kitten found

Over night Europa moved the small black kitten and we couldn’t find it. We were all so worried about the kitten and started searching all over the house. It wasn’t in the loft it wasn’t in Luke’s and Savannahs room it wasn’t in mummy’s and daddy’s room and it wasn’t in my room. Luke had looked in Morgans room but not with a torch under the bed and because it was black it made it even harder to see, but when Morgan looked in the draw with a torch and screamed “MUMMY I FOUND THE KITTEN!” Then mummy said “where,where,where,where,
“In my room, under my bed!” We were all so happy and relived to see it was still alive and well.

   Feb 13

Black Kitten

Europa has given birth to a tiny black kitten. It is sooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!. It is so fascinating to see Europa giving birth and licking it clean.
It is about 17cm long and 2 inches tall. It has meowed loads of times, it is so small and adorable, and now Europa is having more contractions and we are expecting more kittens. The kitten is moving about now but the only problem with it being black is you can barely see it against Europa’s black fur. The kitten has been born on Ash Wednesday so we are thinking about calling it Ash.

Now it is suckling milk and the kitten has been born in our mums and dads room. The kitten is not allowed to be touched other wise Europa will push the kitten away because she will not think it is her baby.


   Feb 07

Adastra our dog

On the 7th February 2013 we went on a two hour trip, to Broad-reach Dogs in Croydon near Cane bridge. We all had no idea where we were going except for mummy. When we got there we all started to think we were going to see a place were they sell dogs and we were right. When we got there we were all so exited an we heard lots of yapping and barking.

When we went through the front door it was so smelly and then we went through another door and we saw all these puppies yapping. They were so adorable all standing up on there hind legs. But when we saw the dog

   Jun 02

Brenscombe School Trip

Year 5 had a school trip arranged to the Brenscombe Outdoor activity centre in Dorset from 8th – 11th May 2012. We had been planning for it for ages, and since it was 4 days ‘holiday’ we had been looking forward to it for a long time :-)

Day 1, Tuesday

When we got to school early in the morning, we got a coach to Swanage in Dorset. When we got there we went straight to the beach fossil hunting. We found lots of fossils but most were embedded in the rocks but still were very beautiful and all different shapes and sizes; a few of us also found some fossilised plants embedded in rocks. After that, we got into the coaches again and went to Brenscombe.

We were showed our dormitories, and we were showed the friends with who we were sharing the dorm.  I was with my best friends Jack Jones, Louis Milan and Ben Schuster. After we unpacked our stuff and had a tour around the Farm, we were showed where the fire assembly point was and we had a couple fire practises.

We met a couple of farm dogs called Milly and Milo.

Day 2, Wednesday

The next day we were told our groups (A-H), I was group “A” and so was one of my other best friends Leo Wilson.

When we were in our groups, we were told what we were doing – I was doing high ropes and abseiling in the morning and low ropes in the afternoon.

I liked the low ropes better because they had a fun trail with rope swinging, tight ropes and a lot more. For lunch I had a strawberry sandwich, a penguin chocolate bar, a banana and some salt and vinegar crisps.

Day 3, Thursday

We had great breakfast’s each day. For example, on Thursday I had breakfast cereal followed by some peas, bacon, scrambled egg and white and brown toast.

After breakfast we were told what our activities were again and mine was rifle shooting and archery.  I liked the rifle shooting better because it was harder and more of a challenge, although I got quite a few bullseyes on the archery, which I was pleased about.

For lunch I had a ham sandwich, chocolate biscuit, an apple and ready salted crisps. We also had a barbecue but inside we had crisps, with a sausage in the bottom of the crisp packet, baked beans, a beef burger and some ketchup.

Final Day, Friday

On Friday it was time to go, boo :-( so, we had to pack our stuff and load it into the coach.

On the way home we stopped at a beach to play until lunch.  For lunch I had a ham sandwich, apple, twix chocolate bar and some lemonade.

When we had finished lunch we got back into the coach for the return trip to school.  On the way back to school I saw a dead badger on the side of the road, I was so sad to see it :-( After a long journey, we got back to school and there we waited for our parents (while watching a movie!).

When my mum came I was so happy to see her and the rest of my family again!

Here are some pictures I took of my trip.


   Feb 11

My trip to Intech

On the 6th February 2012 we went to Intech a science warehouse.

When we got there we sat down and talked a little about the rules. There were two levels, ground level and level one – I started on level one.

Intech Planetarium

There were lots of things to do like sending secret messages to each other using red and yellow semaphore flags, and there were also six or seven big tubes full of water, engine oil, cooking oil and stuff like that. You had to see which one would produce the most or the biggest bubbles that you could.

Once we had all had a turn on everything we went to the planetarium. The planetarium was my favourite thing out of everything.The planetarium was like a giant cinema but a oval over our heads. My favourite about the planetarium was when the roof looked like it was opening above our heads with the stars coming out of the night sky. The way to find the North Star: try and look for a frying pan shape in the sky (stars of course), it will always be up in the sky no matter the time of year. Look at the end of the curved part of the frying pan and it will be pointing towards the North star. It should be just above the end of the frying pan as there are no other stars in its path. When the planetarium show was over we came out for lunch.

When we had all finished lunch my class and another of our Year 5 HT class went to the ground level to play some more play science games. This time there was a heat wave board. A heat wave board is when you stand in front of a big board and see which part of you is the hottest and which part is the coldest. There was also a DJ table, except this DJ table was different – there were earmuffs and there were shapes and once you put one shape down on to the table you put another and another shape and then eventually you made music. There were lots of other different and awesome things we could do like seeing inside a human brain, looking at the skulls of creatures and trying to work out which ones were the biggest and could fit the most brain into it.

At the end of the day we collected our things then we got back on the coaches went back to Holy Trinity and home.


   Jul 03

South Africa Visit

On Wednesday 15th of June 2011 Daddy, Mummy, Savannah, Luke, Morgan and myself went to Heathrow to catch a plane to South Africa. We had a connecting flight in Madrid but when we landed, realised our flight was cancelled so we had to sleep at the airport. It was very uncomfortable and Daddy was very unwell. We all put our jerseys and coats over him to keep him warm. Mummy, Morgan and I walked around the airport from 3 to 5am talking and looking for medicine and something to eat for Daddy. In the morning we had to wait for a long time but eventually got to our plane and took off and we were on our way again. When we were almost there, everyone was sleeping and Mummy asked the air hostess if they could put a movie on for me which they did and it was called RANGO. I really enjoyed it, it was very funny. My best character was Rattlesnake Jake.

When we landed in Johannesburg we went to my mummy’s big brother, Paul’s home and slept there for the night. It was very cold. Before we went to bed and had supper, I played chess with my uncle Paul and even beat him out of the 5 games we played. I was very pleased as he is a good chess player. In the morning we met Tim, my godfather and uncle, Paul and his girlfriend Louise, their son Nicholas who is 4 months old, Naomi, my mum’s big sister and Jo, Tim’s girlfriend and my cousin, Paul’s daughter, Irene and we then drove in convoy to my mummy’s godparents, Felix and Barbara, who live in Ficksburg on a farm called Emma.

There was a dog called Laser, an Alsatian, who was quite old and barked at us a lot. We went for a long walk with Albert, who is Felix and Barbara’s grandson. He is 7 years old and showed us the tractors in the huge shed and we climbed up to the top of the storage place. We also went on their trampoline for ages and had lots of fun.

Barbara then showed us the Pecan Nut Tree and we climbed it, shook the branches and all the remaining pecan nuts fell off. We collected them in our pockets and a mug mummy was holding then went inside, as it was getting dark and very cold, cracked the nuts and ate them. Do not eat the ones with a black shell though as they do not taste very nice.

We sadly had to leave early the next morning, as we were a day behind schedule due to our plane being delayed in Madrid, and headed on to Bloemfontein, my mummy’s previous home in South Africa where she grew up and went to school. We went straight to my mummy’s other godparent, Nora’s 90th surprise birthday party. We were a bit late as we had to travel 250 kilometers but we were very pleased to get there. We went on a great big carousel, which was made up of huge wooden animals, like a chameleon, a dog pulling a sledge, a horse, a giant lizard and a donkey to mention a few.

My mummy’s friend Mel arrived from Welkom, after a 2 hour drive, to see us. Her husband Bruce and their children Taegen and Kienna also came along and we had a great time playing in the gardens at Oliewenhuis, which is where the party was held. Tim took us on an adventure trail through the gardens and we spotted a Dassie, a rock rabbit, like a big guinea pig. I tried getting a photo of it but it ran away. We also saw a bird house that was so big, an ostrich could have fitted into it. We also almost got lost. A great adventure.

We had great fun with Taegen and Kienna and later went for supper altogether to a restaurant called the Spur. Taegen couldn’t believe I didn’t know what a milkshake was. At the end when we had finished our food, they had a children’s section which had computers where we played games.

We then went to my mummy’s old house for the first time where my Nana still lives. It was fun because there was a ledge you could look out over and at night we played a trick on Irene that we could see something moving in the shadows in the flower beds.

My Nana’s house looks over Naval Hill and she took us for a drive in her mini to see if we could see the giraffe and ostrich’s there. My Nana is 83 and still goes everywhere by herself in her little car. She is amazing and drove like Lewis Hamilton up the windy roads. We had a great fun.

Nana gave us all some precious stones which she had collected at Scratch Patch in Cape Town when we were there with her in 2004. It was very exciting as we had many colours from which to choose and Morgan, Luke, Savannah and I ended up with our own little bags she said we could take home. We were very pleased.

We went to my mummy’s old church on Sunday where we had a photo taken with everybody in the Stewart and Pomeroy family. We met James, the gardener who has been there for over 40 years, and his lovely dogs called Sammy and Rex. They barked and barked at us until they realised we were friends of James’. Then they couldn’t get enough of us stroking them and giving them lots of attention. Rex is a sheep dog and Sammy a brown labrador.

Then Daddy and Mummy said they had a big surprise for Nana and us children. After helping Nana sort out some of her stuff, as she is moving to England soon, we left Bloemfontein in our big white bus. We went back to Emma for another overnight sleep as we missed seeing mummy’s godparents for a decent amount of time, then headed away the next morning, on to our surprise.

We drove and drove and drove and when it was dark, we got to the main gate of the KRUGER PARK! We were SO excited. This is where we were going to stay for 4 nights. When we got there the gates were closed, we actually got there with 4 minutes to spare, as they close at 5:30 but they said we were too late. Mummy spoke to the man at the gate and asked if they could provide an escort to take us to our camp. As soon as mummy mentioned we would pay them, they said yes immediately. We were so pleased and relieved we wouldn’t have to sleep in the car.

We got to our cottage in our camp which was called Berg-en-Dal and settled in for the night. Daddy woke us up very early, 6am, the next morning with a yummy rusk and tea. We all got dressed quickly and drove to reception where PG, our safari guide, met us. We climbed into the jeep and we were off for the day..

Very soon we started spotting animals, giraffe being our first and a white rhino, although he was far away in the bushes so we didn’t see him very well. I spotted an elephant and then 2 young lions, one male and one female. We heard 2 hours later, after PG telling us the lions were very hungry because their tummy’s were so thin, they tried attacking a passing cars tyres. One grabbed the front tyre of a car and the other jumped onto the back of a jeeps spare tyre. We wish we’d been there to see it. We loved the story told by another guide.

My favourite animal is the Yellow Billed Hornbill, commonly known as Zazu – The Lion King :-)

I was very pleased as they have Southern Ground Hornbills on their endangered species list and are researching them by tagging their legs to watch where they go, hunt and nest. I spotted them right at the end of the holiday, so was extremely pleased as I had been looking out for them. They are big, black and red.

I had said to Daddy and Mummy I really hoped to see a snake and my luck was in – as we were driving along, I saw a Green Mamba, one of the most poisonous snakes, cross the road. I shouted out “snake” and PG swerved to avoid driving over it. Mummy managed to capture him on film… here he is..

I was very happy. Mummy was so determined to get a photo she ended up taking 2 photos of just grass. We laughed and laughed.

Our best was when we came across a cheetah sitting on the side of the road although he was so far away initially, I thought he was a meerkat. We stopped and noticed he was hungry as he was showing signs of being alert and looking around. He dashed into the bush and we reversed quickly to see where he went. We stopped our jeep and all kept very quiet. We couldn’t believe it when he started walking towards our jeep and ended up marking a tree that was only about 3 meters away from us. It was thrilling. Here are some photos of him.

The other best viewing was mummy’s favourite – a leopard. He was quite far away but we saw his majestic, huge and beautiful head in the grass. He was a magnificent male and was on the hunt. We saw some Impala nearby and he was definitely hungry for one. It wasn’t long before he disappeared into the bush after them.

When we went on an adventure trail around our camp, we spotted Nile crocodiles, tons of Terrapins (freshwater turtles), Waterbuck, a hippopotamus on the banks of the river and a Bushbuck right near the fence.

We also spotted a Sausage Tree which Daddy and Mummy had seen for the first time in Zambia a few years ago. The huge sausage like things hanging from the tree are fruit.

We also saw many Red Hot Pokers, which are part of the Aloe family, known for their medicinal purposes and even used some of the juice on Luke’s skin as he had a very itchy reaction to something in the bush. It really helped him which pleased us all.

On the second day when we spent the day in camp, we had many Vervet monkeys running around our cottage. They were so mischievious. When we were all out hunting army ants, they snuck onto our kitchen and stole 3 apples. When Daddy went to the bus to fetch the meat for our braai, he left the boot open and they climbed inside and played all around the car. Mummy saw them and told us what they were doing. We all ran to the bus and mummy tried to get them out but they wouldn’t listen. Mummy mock charged them and one mocked charged us back. It was so funny but a little scary too. It felt as though he was going to jump on us. Mummy shouted for Daddy to come so we could distract them by going to different doors to chase them out. What fun we had.. we eventually won the battle. Luckily they didn’t get our yummy braai food. When we went to the shop later I asked Mummy if they perhaps sold ‘monkey repellent’.. we had a good laugh.

We saw a very old Impala Lily, PG said it was about 50 years old and he also showed us some very strong grass that is used for making thatched rooves. If you run your hand or fingers up and down the grass, it it can cut you. He also gave us some Khakibos to smell. This plant has a very strong smell and it is not native to South Africa. It was brought to South Africa, many years ago, by the British forces, as food for their horses.

Here is a list of all the other animals we saw:

Zebra, ostrich, lilac breasted roller, pied kingfisher, grey heron, woolly necked stork, grey lourie which is a bird that makes a sound like ‘go-away’ so also called a ‘Go-Away bird’, kudu buck, ghecko, blue-tailed lizard, wildebeest, baboons, scops-owl, pygmy shrew, buffalo, termite hills, fish eagle, squirrels, bateleur eagles, white backed vultures, community spiders, dwarf mongoose, blue waxbill, warthog, guinea fowl and even a locust.

After our stay in the Kruger Park we drove back to Johannesburg and stayed in a place called Dullstroom. At supper we played in a ‘Kidz Room’ that was very fun. It was such fun because it was so cold and the rooms were out the back and away from eachother so Daddy and Mummy slept in the same room as us. We had two big double beds and the four children all slept head together. We were all as warm as toast. We woke up and had breakfast then drove to Mummy’s friend Carol in Johannesburg where we had a big party, braai and we played on the trampoline and had mud fights with her children Jonathan and Annabelle. I especially liked their Labrador called Thornton and Sausage dog called Pickles. We slept at their house and in the morning went back to my uncle Paul’s house, said good bye to him, Nicholas and Nana (as well as William the ginger cat) and went to the airport and flew home.

I cannot wait to go back to Africa and go on another Safari.

There is a link at the top of the page (South Africa – 2011) with a full gallery of pictures.


   Jun 11

Visit to Bentley Copse

I recently stayed at Bentley Copse and did some cool stuff like go-karting and orienteering. Bentley Copse is a scouting camp and I went there with all my other Year 4 school friends.

Home for two days


We got there on Wednesday morning and unloaded our luggage from the car and placed it under a big tree. There was lots of luggage. We then went and we sat around 11 different tables. The teachers told us the rules, showed us where the adventure trail was, where the boundaries were, food hall and shower blocks. Then we went to our camps / villages and we were told who we would share a tent with and my sleeping buddies were Adam and Billy. Some tents only had two people but most had three.


When I woke up it was 5:50am in the morning and we were only meant to wake up at 7:20 am so I had a few more zeds. I really like Bentley Copse but I missed my family more than I ever had before. For breakfast I had cherios then I played for a bit and after that I had some toast and butter. After we had breakfast they told us what groups we would be in I was in Sparky Spiders with my best friend Jack Jones. One of my best activities was camp fire building because we got to toast marshmallows and they were so yummy. I even saw a blue tit hanging upside-down and a jay chasing a blackbird away from its nest. There was even a magpie in someones tent the teachers say.


When Friday came I was beginning to feel home sick but it was the last day at Bentley Copse and so I decided to enjoy it. After breakfast we played in some sand on the field, making a mini river Nile in Surrey!

At home time after lunch, we waited for our parents to fetch us. I said good bye to my friends and went home with my sister Savannah and my Mummy and I was very very happy. We fetched Luke from school and he was so happy to see me, he even gave me a huge hug. It made me feel special.

Olivia making a tent

Jack Jones, my best friend

   Jun 05

Bike ride

On Saturday we went on a bike ride. Luke and Savannah went with Mummy and Morgan and I went with Daddy.  Morgan, Daddy and I went first then Savannah, Luke and Mummy came after. When we had crossed three bridges we cycled all the way to Puppy beach. That was where Daddy told use to stop because he was going to go back to see if Mummy, Luke and Savannah were following us but they were not.

St Catherines Lock, where we turned back.

When Daddy got back he said “What have you been doing in the last two minutes?” as we had been playing in the orange sand up and down the hillside and were a bit dirty :-) We got our bikes and we were off again after that. When we got to the lock we turned round and came back. We also saw a lady with at least six dogs on our way back!!!!!

We crossed over the canal at Puppy Beach and after crossing the playing fields cycled back home where Mummy, Luke and Savannah were practising cycling on the front lawn without their stabilisers.

   Sep 14

Butser Farm

We went on a coach to a farm called Butser Ancient Farm

They had lots of Celtic ’round’ houses which were made of chalky stone with thatched straw roofs. They had an animal skull on the outside, just above the door, to protect them – mainly from rams or sheep – which were called ‘house gods’. They also had a chalk house god inside.

View of the farm

View of the farm

The Celts made the house gods by taking a piece of chalk and a piece of flint which they scraped on the chalk to get a flat surface, then they found a special kind of dark green leaf which they rubbed against the flat surface of the chalk and then use the flint to carve a picture on it.

Also on the farm they had lots of animals, like pigs in a pigsty with a woven fence to keep them in, and a cockerel and sheep and rams with horns and a border collie called ‘Moss’.

On another part of the farm there was a Roman villa, which was stone and had red slates on the roof. We went inside the villa, where they had lots of pictures made out of small tiles, or mosaics, on the floors and walls of people like Claudius and Julius Caesar. They had a house god too, but it was made out of iron or stone.  When the army men were going to battle, they would leave a gift, such as food, to the house god in order to protect them in battle.

   Sep 03

My Summer Holiday

These are the details of my school summer holiday. This is what I saw, what I did and places that I went to. I had great fun doing all of these things :-)

Lake District

When we got there we unpacked and chose our beds in the Crown Hotel in Coniston. The first day, after breakfast Daddy got ready for his race called the Lakeland 100. We played in a park where one of the benches had some of the wooden seat missing. There were bigger and smaller children playgrounds, with slides, monkey bars, swings and a lot of climbing frames.

We went on a boat trip on Lake Windermere from Ambleside to Bowness-on-Windermere. When we were at Bowness there were pigeons, ducks, swans, canada geese and some crows which we fed with some bread.


At the start of the holiday, we had an intensive swimming session booked with Zelda, which was in addition to our normal weekly sessions, which had finished the week before.  These sessions were to give us a boost so we did not forget what we had been learning throughout the summer.

  • Underwater
  • Dolphin and Eel
  • Front Crawl
  • Back Stroke

Canal Trips

We all went down to the canal along from our house a couple of mornings, where we had great fun fishing and trying to catch crayfish and other fish in the water.

We played a game at the ‘little castle’ where there was a waterfall which we tried to make bigger which we quite successful.

  • Crayfish, fish, Pigeons, Ducks
  • Fishing Games
  • Ice Cream
  • Little Castle


We went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D at the cinema in  Guildford.

I thought is was very well made and very funny, especially Buzz Lightyear with his funny Spanish dancing 😆 My favourite characters were the LGMs (Little Green Men!)

Clandon Park

Mummy, Morgan, Luke, Savannah and I went to Clandon Park, a National Trust place, where there was a big old mansion with massive gardens.

  • Picnic
  • Maze
  • Mansion – Stuffed Animals, Bear Skin, Real Food
  • Games – Cricket, Noughts and Crosses


  • Hovercraft
  • Shells and stones
  • Seagulls
  • Dinosaur on Southsea common


  • To aquarium in Portsmouth
  • Clay models – Snowman, Doughnut with sprinkles, green caterpillar, Morgan made ‘Poison Ivy’ from Batman and a car
  • Painted wooden, press-button, giraffes
  • Stain glass windows – I did a dog, Savannah did a cat, Morgan did a car and Luke did a fish.


  • Saw Nan and Grandad and Helen and Bob
  • Sheriee photos
  • Beach – Found a starfish in the seaweed, saw a very big crab that scuttled off into it’s hole, caught some little fish and shrimps, sea anemones and crabs. Saw a girl with a massive shrimp! and someone else had a sea urchin.
  • Played Doctor Who top trumps
  • Brought a present – a giant insect book! Morgan got a Terminator mask and glove. Luke and Savannah got Hobby Horses.