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   May 21

Newland’s Corner

On Friday we went to Newland’s corner, which is an open area on the top of a hill with lots of trees and long grass in the summer. Findlay, Morgan’s friend came to play as well, along with Luke, Savannah, Morgan and me.

Glow Worm Larva

First, we had a picnic which was very nice because we had bagels, bananas and some open and shut blackberry lollipops.

After lunch we played in a big tree, which was as big as a medium sized house.  We played a game where Morgan was a squirrel, Findlay was a jaguar, Luke was a leopard, Savannah was a butterfly and I was a monkey. The game was fighting invisible people.

Just as the game was ending, mummy called to me and said she had found a weird looking centipede, but it was a glow-worm and I asked her to ‘google’ it on her iPhone and I was right.

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