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   Sep 14

Butser Farm

We went on a coach to a farm called Butser Ancient Farm

They had lots of Celtic ’round’ houses which were made of chalky stone with thatched straw roofs. They had an animal skull on the outside, just above the door, to protect them – mainly from rams or sheep – which were called ‘house gods’. They also had a chalk house god inside.

View of the farm

View of the farm

The Celts made the house gods by taking a piece of chalk and a piece of flint which they scraped on the chalk to get a flat surface, then they found a special kind of dark green leaf which they rubbed against the flat surface of the chalk and then use the flint to carve a picture on it.

Also on the farm they had lots of animals, like pigs in a pigsty with a woven fence to keep them in, and a cockerel and sheep and rams with horns and a border collie called ‘Moss’.

On another part of the farm there was a Roman villa, which was stone and had red slates on the roof. We went inside the villa, where they had lots of pictures made out of small tiles, or mosaics, on the floors and walls of people like Claudius and Julius Caesar. They had a house god too, but it was made out of iron or stone.  When the army men were going to battle, they would leave a gift, such as food, to the house god in order to protect them in battle.

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  1. Liz says:

    Very impressed with all the detail you have remembered about your Butser trip which was a month ago. Very interesting and I am not surprised you even remembered the collies name, Moss. You are doing well Joshua and we are very proud of you. Keep going and you will be well rewarded later in your life, (and now of course : ). LYLLM x

  2. Daddy says:

    Super impressed with all the details that you recounted from your visit to Butser farm big man, well done. It must have been very interesting for you and so glad you enjoyed it :-) well done big man x

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