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   Jun 05

Bike ride

On Saturday we went on a bike ride. Luke and Savannah went with Mummy and Morgan and I went with Daddy.  Morgan, Daddy and I went first then Savannah, Luke and Mummy came after. When we had crossed three bridges we cycled all the way to Puppy beach. That was where Daddy told use to stop because he was going to go back to see if Mummy, Luke and Savannah were following us but they were not.

St Catherines Lock, where we turned back.

When Daddy got back he said “What have you been doing in the last two minutes?” as we had been playing in the orange sand up and down the hillside and were a bit dirty :-) We got our bikes and we were off again after that. When we got to the lock we turned round and came back. We also saw a lady with at least six dogs on our way back!!!!!

We crossed over the canal at Puppy Beach and after crossing the playing fields cycled back home where Mummy, Luke and Savannah were practising cycling on the front lawn without their stabilisers.

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  1. Liz says:

    : ) fabulous big man.. what a fun day we had and how clever is Luke for managing to ride FIRST time he tried, without stabilisers!? Amazing determination. We’ll have to go the Puppy Beach again soon, for a proper play and picnic : ) lots of love, Mummy x xxxx

  2. Irene says:

    Josh my precious one! Sounds like alot of fun and i like the sound of orange sand! sounds fabulous :)I hope school is going so well! I am sure that it is, you clever boy!
    Missing you like hundreds and thousands of miles of ribbon.

    Biggest kisses and hugs xxxxx

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