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   Feb 11

My trip to Intech

On the 6th February 2012 we went to Intech a science warehouse.

When we got there we sat down and talked a little about the rules. There were two levels, ground level and level one – I started on level one.

Intech Planetarium

There were lots of things to do like sending secret messages to each other using red and yellow semaphore flags, and there were also six or seven big tubes full of water, engine oil, cooking oil and stuff like that. You had to see which one would produce the most or the biggest bubbles that you could.

Once we had all had a turn on everything we went to the planetarium. The planetarium was my favourite thing out of everything.The planetarium was like a giant cinema but a oval over our heads. My favourite about the planetarium was when the roof looked like it was opening above our heads with the stars coming out of the night sky. The way to find the North Star: try and look for a frying pan shape in the sky (stars of course), it will always be up in the sky no matter the time of year. Look at the end of the curved part of the frying pan and it will be pointing towards the North star. It should be just above the end of the frying pan as there are no other stars in its path. When the planetarium show was over we came out for lunch.

When we had all finished lunch my class and another of our Year 5 HT class went to the ground level to play some more play science games. This time there was a heat wave board. A heat wave board is when you stand in front of a big board and see which part of you is the hottest and which part is the coldest. There was also a DJ table, except this DJ table was different – there were earmuffs and there were shapes and once you put one shape down on to the table you put another and another shape and then eventually you made music. There were lots of other different and awesome things we could do like seeing inside a human brain, looking at the skulls of creatures and trying to work out which ones were the biggest and could fit the most brain into it.

At the end of the day we collected our things then we got back on the coaches went back to Holy Trinity and home.


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  1. Liz says:

    Lovely recap our wonderful young man. You are doing so incredibly well at school and we are so proud of you. Remember our daily mantra, you reap what you sow and oh my, you are bringing it in beautifully. Don’t stop! : ) love you so much x xxxx

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