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   Jun 02

Brenscombe School Trip

Year 5 had a school trip arranged to the Brenscombe Outdoor activity centre in Dorset from 8th – 11th May 2012. We had been planning for it for ages, and since it was 4 days ‘holiday’ we had been looking forward to it for a long time :-)

Day 1, Tuesday

When we got to school early in the morning, we got a coach to Swanage in Dorset. When we got there we went straight to the beach fossil hunting. We found lots of fossils but most were embedded in the rocks but still were very beautiful and all different shapes and sizes; a few of us also found some fossilised plants embedded in rocks. After that, we got into the coaches again and went to Brenscombe.

We were showed our dormitories, and we were showed the friends with who we were sharing the dorm.  I was with my best friends Jack Jones, Louis Milan and Ben Schuster. After we unpacked our stuff and had a tour around the Farm, we were showed where the fire assembly point was and we had a couple fire practises.

We met a couple of farm dogs called Milly and Milo.

Day 2, Wednesday

The next day we were told our groups (A-H), I was group “A” and so was one of my other best friends Leo Wilson.

When we were in our groups, we were told what we were doing – I was doing high ropes and abseiling in the morning and low ropes in the afternoon.

I liked the low ropes better because they had a fun trail with rope swinging, tight ropes and a lot more. For lunch I had a strawberry sandwich, a penguin chocolate bar, a banana and some salt and vinegar crisps.

Day 3, Thursday

We had great breakfast’s each day. For example, on Thursday I had breakfast cereal followed by some peas, bacon, scrambled egg and white and brown toast.

After breakfast we were told what our activities were again and mine was rifle shooting and archery.  I liked the rifle shooting better because it was harder and more of a challenge, although I got quite a few bullseyes on the archery, which I was pleased about.

For lunch I had a ham sandwich, chocolate biscuit, an apple and ready salted crisps. We also had a barbecue but inside we had crisps, with a sausage in the bottom of the crisp packet, baked beans, a beef burger and some ketchup.

Final Day, Friday

On Friday it was time to go, boo :-( so, we had to pack our stuff and load it into the coach.

On the way home we stopped at a beach to play until lunch.  For lunch I had a ham sandwich, apple, twix chocolate bar and some lemonade.

When we had finished lunch we got back into the coach for the return trip to school.  On the way back to school I saw a dead badger on the side of the road, I was so sad to see it :-( After a long journey, we got back to school and there we waited for our parents (while watching a movie!).

When my mum came I was so happy to see her and the rest of my family again!

Here are some pictures I took of my trip.


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  1. Liz says:

    : ) fabulous Joshua. A really lovely record of events. We are thrilled you had such an exciting time. Lots of love, Mummy x xxxx

  2. Irene says:

    Josh my dear it sounds like you had a great time and I must say that you have a great eye for photography hey big boy! i especially like the grass and daisy picture, makes me think of tranquil summer afternoon picnics that make a million wonderful memories! Missing you so much and give Morgan, Luke and Savannah a big hug from me ok? big kisses xxx

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