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   Feb 07

Adastra our dog

On the 7th February 2013 we went on a two hour trip, to Broad-reach Dogs in Croydon near Cane bridge. We all had no idea where we were going except for mummy. When we got there we all started to think we were going to see a place were they sell dogs and we were right. When we got there we were all so exited an we heard lots of yapping and barking.

When we went through the front door it was so smelly and then we went through another door and we saw all these puppies yapping. They were so adorable all standing up on there hind legs. But when we saw the dog

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  1. Irene says:

    sounds like loads of excitement….. maybe i am being a silly… but where is the rest of your story little one? and what kind of dog is adastra? puppies are fun, i recently got TWO! two of the sweetest AND NAUGHTIEST grey hound pups… love love love xxxxx

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