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   Feb 14

Kitten found

Over night Europa moved the small black kitten and we couldn’t find it. We were all so worried about the kitten and started searching all over the house. It wasn’t in the loft it wasn’t in Luke’s and Savannahs room it wasn’t in mummy’s and daddy’s room and it wasn’t in my room. Luke had looked in Morgans room but not with a torch under the bed and because it was black it made it even harder to see, but when Morgan looked in the draw with a torch and screamed “MUMMY I FOUND THE KITTEN!” Then mummy said “where,where,where,where,
“In my room, under my bed!” We were all so happy and relived to see it was still alive and well.

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One Comment

  1. Liz says:

    : ) so so so so pleased to see it so alive and well…. another answer to our desperate prayers to God hey Joshua? X xxxx

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