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   Jun 02

Brenscombe School Trip

Year 5 had a school trip arranged to the Brenscombe Outdoor activity centre in Dorset from 8th – 11th May 2012. We had been planning for it for ages, and since it was 4 days ‘holiday’ we had been looking forward to it for a long time Day 1, Tuesday When we got to school […]

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   Feb 11

My trip to Intech

On the 6th February 2012 we went to Intech a science warehouse. When we got there we sat down and talked a little about the rules. There were two levels, ground level and level one – I started on level one. There were lots of things to do like sending secret messages to each other […]

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   Jul 03

South Africa Visit

On Wednesday 15th of June 2011 Daddy, Mummy, Savannah, Luke, Morgan and myself went to Heathrow to catch a plane to South Africa. We had a connecting flight in Madrid but when we landed, realised our flight was cancelled so we had to sleep at the airport. It was very uncomfortable and Daddy was very […]

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   Jun 11

Visit to Bentley Copse

I recently stayed at Bentley Copse and did some cool stuff like go-karting and orienteering. Bentley Copse is a scouting camp and I went there with all my other Year 4 school friends. Wednesday: We got there on Wednesday morning and unloaded our luggage from the car and placed it under a big tree. There […]

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   Jun 05

Bike ride

On Saturday we went on a bike ride. Luke and Savannah went with Mummy and Morgan and I went with Daddy. ┬áMorgan, Daddy and I went first then Savannah, Luke and Mummy came after. When we had crossed three bridges we cycled all the way to Puppy beach.┬áThat was where Daddy told use to stop […]

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   Sep 14

Butser Farm

We went on a coach to a farm called Butser Ancient Farm They had lots of Celtic ’round’ houses which were made of chalky stone with thatched straw roofs. They had an animal skull on the outside, just above the door, to protect them – mainly from rams or sheep – which were called ‘house […]

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   Sep 03

My Summer Holiday

These are the details of my school summer holiday. This is what I saw, what I did and places that I went to. I had great fun doing all of these things Lake District When we got there we unpacked and chose our beds in the Crown Hotel in Coniston. The first day, after breakfast […]

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   Oct 08

Marwell Zoo visit

We travelled down by coach to Marwell Zoo, near Winchester, Hampshire on 8th Oct 2009. Henry, my teacher, split us into groups of ten so that we could all go round with an individual adult. I went round in Henry’s group. As we started our visit we passed the black swan and other species of […]

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