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   Jun 11

Visit to Bentley Copse

I recently stayed at Bentley Copse and did some cool stuff like go-karting and orienteering. Bentley Copse is a scouting camp and I went there with all my other Year 4 school friends. Wednesday: We got there on Wednesday morning and unloaded our luggage from the car and placed it under a big tree. There […]

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   Jun 05

Bike ride

On Saturday we went on a bike ride. Luke and Savannah went with Mummy and Morgan and I went with Daddy. ┬áMorgan, Daddy and I went first then Savannah, Luke and Mummy came after. When we had crossed three bridges we cycled all the way to Puppy beach.┬áThat was where Daddy told use to stop […]

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   May 21

Newland’s Corner

On Friday we went to Newland’s corner, which is an open area on the top of a hill with lots of trees and long grass in the summer. Findlay, Morgan’s friend came to play as well, along with Luke, Savannah, Morgan and me. First, we had a picnic which was very nice because we had […]

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