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African Countdown

Morgan wanted to know how many days we had left before we flew to Africa, so Mummy suggested he set up a table with blocks on a piece of paper where he could write down the dates and days for us all to cross off, one by one. When we started, we had 40 days to go. It was so exciting because every morning we took it in turns to cross off the day so we could count down to zero. My favourite bit was the zero. When we got to the zero, we coloured it in in all our different colours.

I liked the bit where I packed up my toys in my Spiderman bag which has wheels. This meant I could pull it behind me wherever I walked. I was all set and ready to go long before we had to fly. I was very excited.

When the day finally arrived and after travelling to the airport, we got into a purple van after we parked our car. I thought we were going to climb into the back but that was for our luggage instead. I thought we were going the wrong way in the purple van but we weren’t. It was very funny because I thought we were going back home and not to the airport.

I liked it when we got onto the aeroplane and liked the look of the aeroplane with its orange bits. My favourite was hearing the giant engine and after racing along the runway, Savannah and I cheered out loud at lift off. We were so pleased we were in the air. The people in front of us turned and smiled at us when we cheered.

When we landed in Johannesburg, we went to my Uncle Paul’s house and met William the cat. He was very cute. When we got to the kitchen Nana came through and we ran to hug and kiss her and she thought it was a dream because she wasn’t expecting us. Paul wasn’t actually at the shop getting food for Nana, he was at the airport meeting us. Nana wondered why he was taking so long. Then it all became clear. We were all very pleased to be together.

Nicholas, my 4 month old cousin liked Savannah and my toys. He played with Joshua, Morgan, Savannah and my toys.

We left the next day for mummy’s godparents farm called Emma and we played with Albert. Albert is Uncle Felix and Aunty Barbara’s grandson. He is 7 years old and can jump really high on the trampoline. I liked playing with Albert the most. It was great fun opening the pecan nuts we got from the tree in the orchard. We loved eating them because they were very yummy with salt. It was very exciting when I climbed up the ladder in the very big shed. We climbed right to the top and could almost touch the roof. Laser, the big Alsatian, Aunty Barbara and Mummy were with us to make sure we didn’t fall down.

It was fun as we all slept in a big bed together. The putu pap porridge in the morning was very yummy. I had it with milk and sugar and I also had some brown toast with butter. I Iiked stroking Laser when we said good-bye. He liked us stroking him.

At Aunty Nora’s party I liked the cupcakes. I loved all the Appletiser I had in my tummy. The cupcakes were chocolate flavour and the chocolate flakes on the top were lovely. I didn’t finish it but luckily Tim ate the rest. We got to see the creature camouflaged on the rocks when we went down the stairs to get to the garden. I was afraid of the creature because I thought it was a monster. Tim went too fast because we said “Tim, wait up”. We were quite prickly because we went through a bush that had thorns on it. I loved the marry-go-round and went on the dog with the carriage. He was taking me around the roundabout.

I played with Taegen and Kienna, my Mummy’s friends children.

Nana gave us a surprise when we got to her flat. It was a big bag of precious stones. I loved all the stones as they were all shiny. I liked most the black stone that was round. I also liked the square black stone. We went in Nana’s mini for a drive up Naval Hill and really enjoyed seeing the ostriches and giraffe. The giraffe was bending its neck down and it ate some green leaves. It munched them and liked them. I asked if we could go out and stroke it but Nana said no. I was very happy when I saw the giant ostrich and thought he would come charging for us with his powerful legs. Ostriches kick forwards so you have to be very careful if you stand in front of them. At Nana’s flat later, Joshua saw a bat.

Daddy and Mummy had a surprise for Nana and us. We knew we had a long drive but didn’t know where we were going. We had a few treats in the van along the way. We got chewing gum but it was too spicy for me but luckily Mummy bought some strawberry chewing gum too so I had that. I enjoyed it and Mummy and Daddy also bought Chappies, very very yummy African bubble gum. We all practised blowing bubbles. I blew bubbles for the first time. I blew four!

The surprise for us was going to the Kruger Park on a safari. We went in an open jeep with a guide called PG and I loved it when the cheetah walked up to the jeep. I did start crying because he was walking straight towards us and I thought he was going to jump up at us. I didn’t cry loudly because I thought he would hear me. I sat down at the bottom of the jeep and Savannah said the cheetah’s gone after he had walked away. It looked like he was looking right at me. He was looking right at me which is why I got a little frightened.

I saw a green mamba and liked the bit where Mummy took photos of the snake and also of just the grass. That was the funny bit. I thought Mummy took a picture of the snake but it was just grass.

We saw buffalo, rhino and their droppings, an elephant skull, tons and tons of Zazu’s from The Lion King (Yellow-Billed Hornbills), 2 lions from The Lion King, 2 Nile crocodiles, one was a baby and one an adult and a hippopotamus. We also saw king fishers, a woolly-necked stork, lots and lots of Impala, waterbuck, guinea fowl and terrapins (which are freshwater turtles).

On the day we stayed in camp, we went hunting army ants and I went back to the cottage to find Nana when I spotted a cheeky monkey in our kitchen. It took some of our green apples that were all wrapped up together. Nana didn’t know the monkey sneakily took the apples. When I told everyone when they got back to the cottage we all laughed and found the wrappers the next day to prove it!

YUMMY SCRUMMY TUMMY MEAT: Daddy made a fantastic braai and we pretended to toast marshmallows. He cooked the most yummiest meat ever. It was boerewors (sausage) and chicken and thick rump steak. We pretended the boerewors was the inside of the green mamba and the lettuce was its skin. It was very funny we ate so much meat because as I said to everyone while we were eating “we’re actually vegetarian’! We all laughed.

We were driving along in the park and came across burnt trees and grass and there was a tree still on fire!! Look at my photo gallery and try and find it…

After being in the bush, we went to my Mummy’s friend Carol’s house and they had a lovely sausage dog called Pickles. He had such cute eyes and he slept on the bed under the covers in a very cute way. I also liked the brown labrador called Thornton because he followed me and couldn’t get me when I climbed up the ladder on the slide. I liked the trampoline because I could jump very high and I could touch my shoulders with my knees. Bob and Carol made us burgers and I liked the meat inside it. This was my first burger ever and I wonder when I will have another one. I thought Thornton was going to eat it all up but he didn’t because I held it above my head.

I was very happy going home because we got to sleep in the plane and I didn’t even know the plane was moving because I couldn’t feel it moving. When we got home we were planning on going to Nan and Granddad the next weekend. In the morning we went to the beach but we didn’t actually go onto the beach because there were many rough waves and it was raining. The next day it wasn’t raining and so Mummy took us to play with the pebbles.

We had lunch at a pub and I played with a dog called Lokie and he had tons of toys to play with. We threw his toys for him to fetch and he liked his football the best. Whenever we kicked the football, he knew where it was and he could hear where we were kicking it.

All in all I had a lovely time in Africa with my Nana and the last weekend in Devon with my Nan and Granddad.









I started at Pewley Down on the 8th September 2010

First, I played in the sandpit with my friend Johannan and Jack during the day – we played with the diggers and scoops.

I play a lot in the Rainbow room, where there are dressing up clothes and special clothes in the cupboard which is invisible (black). There is a turtle costume and a dragon costume in the cupboard. The dragon costume has a head and a tail to wear so you can pretend to be a fierce dragon – Grrrrrr :-)

I have a folder which is black, my favourite colour (along with orange, yellow and green!) which has pictures in it, like my cars, houses, mountains, tornado’s and the whole wide world.

I have been learning my letters for reading and writing, and have done lots of letters, including p, a, s, c, b, d, h, e, t, o, u, i, k.  My daddy will load up some of my phonics pictures soon.

I have also been playing in the shop inside the classroom. We sell things to people, like jelly beans, coconuts, broccoli, cabbage and everything, really.

Everyday when it is time to go, my teachers Shian, Mikila, Nickola and Mrs Katmeh, read a story and then I go outside to meet mummy and tell her I’ve done ‘everything’ at school.

I like school and am enjoying it.

Swimming Week

This week I had an intensive swimming course – 30 minutes, a whole half hour, every day.

I closed my eyes and jumped into the water with my ring float on at the deep end and I touched the bottom of the pool! I put my head right under the water and kept my eyes open for a bit.

I let go of my teacher, Zelda, and floated in a star shape on my back.

I played with a lot of toys in the pool after I’d had my lesson and I especially enjoyed the water pump


Here is a link to some of my drawings I’ve been doing recently

I hope you like them and I’ll be adding to them as I do them.


This week I’ve spent a lot of time doing the Mr Men Puzzle with Savannah,  Joshua and Morgan – my favourite is Mr Tickle

Mr Tickle

Mr Tickle

We’ve also spent a lot of time today playing at being Superhero’s with special powers – my special power is Bumblebee power which allows me to ‘karate’ the baddies.  We watched a lot of power rangers today and my favourite is the ‘Black’ power ranger as he is the

We played with our tents outside today, running round as the weather was nice and sunny.  We didn’t even wear coats!

During the week I made a Lego spaceship as well.

I have enjoyed cooking at nursery school over the last few weeks; We made sandwiches with cheese, scones and a heart biscuit for Valentine’s day.


This week I’ve been playing a lot with my Transformers Bumblebee.



I like Bumblebee because he is cool.  In his ‘car’ form he can drive very fast and then he transforms into the autobot that fights against the baddies, the decepticons!

Bumblebee as an Autobot

Bumblebee as an Autobot

I love Bumblebee.

Hi there!

Hi there – This is my website!

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks, as I’ll be adding some of my favourite stuff to it.