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This week I’ve been playing a lot with my Transformers Bumblebee.



I like Bumblebee because he is cool.  In his ‘car’ form he can drive very fast and then he transforms into the autobot that fights against the baddies, the decepticons!

Bumblebee as an Autobot

Bumblebee as an Autobot

I love Bumblebee.

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  1. Irene said:

    Luke, Bumblebee is by far my favorite transformer too! I hope that you are still enjoying school so much and that you are learning lots of exciting new things.
    I miss you so much little man and I think about you often!
    Love love and hugs and kisses. Love you!
    Love Irene xxxx

  2. Joshua said:

    WOW Luke Bumblebee is really cool isn’t he. Do you still like Bumblebee hope you do.
    Love from Joshua :-)

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