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Starting at Pewley Down

I started at Pewley Down on the 8th September 2010

First, I played in the sandpit with my friend Johannan and Jack during the day – we played with the diggers and scoops.

I play a lot in the Rainbow room, where there are dressing up clothes and special clothes in the cupboard which is invisible (black). There is a turtle costume and a dragon costume in the cupboard. The dragon costume has a head and a tail to wear so you can pretend to be a fierce dragon – Grrrrrr :-)

I have a folder which is black, my favourite colour (along with orange, yellow and green!) which has pictures in it, like my cars, houses, mountains, tornado’s and the whole wide world.

I have been learning my letters for reading and writing, and have done lots of letters, including p, a, s, c, b, d, h, e, t, o, u, i, k.  My daddy will load up some of my phonics pictures soon.

I have also been playing in the shop inside the classroom. We sell things to people, like jelly beans, coconuts, broccoli, cabbage and everything, really.

Everyday when it is time to go, my teachers Shian, Mikila, Nickola and Mrs Katmeh, read a story and then I go outside to meet mummy and tell her I’ve done ‘everything’ at school.

I like school and am enjoying it.

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  1. You have worked hard at remembering everything from your first few weeks at school Luke. You are doing so very well. Your enthusiasm and hard work with your reading and phonics are quite incredible and the results which really are fantastic are clearly showing already. Amazing work. We are very proud of you Golden/Green Luke. Well done :-) LYLLM x

  2. Well done with all your adventures Big Man! You are a star for working so hard at everything each day :-) x

  3. Panene said:

    Luke! am so excited to hear about all the things that you are doing and the new things you are learning! thinking of you munchkin! xxxxx

  4. So proud of how well you have done in your first term at Pewley, and how happy you are there.
    Sounds as if there are lots of fun things to play with when you are not working.
    Glad the swimming is going well.
    Keep on doing ‘EVERYTHING’.
    Was lovely to see you in Devon in the summer and also more recently at home.
    Nan & Grandad.

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