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Visit to Natural History Museum

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I was very excited about this visit, while I was travelling to London in the middle of a coach with my friends – I was sitting with Alisdair and Solomon.

We got off the coach near the gate close to the museum, and saw a china elephant inside the museum, which had beautiful patterns on it – it was white, yellow, green and pink!

When we went inside I saw a Brachiosaurus, made out of old blacky, brown bones just standing there in the main entrance hall area. I reckon it was about 20ft high and 100ft long with at least 1000 bones :-)

We got into our little groups made out of six people and then we went to see the blue whale.  On our way we saw some stuffed animals, such as a sabre-toothed tiger and lots of bats, one which was as small as a bee, a vampire bat and one which was as big as a small dog with a ½ metre wingspan.  We also saw lots of animals that looked like moles, that could dig.


The blue whale was about the size of our front garden and stuffed! It was blue and white with black spots.  We also saw some other smaller whale skeletons in the air above the blue whale.

After lunch we had a scientist research project on a particular dinosaur which we picked ourselves from 5 or 6 choices which we had to agree as a group.  We chose the Glytodon.  We had sheets of questions about where it lived, how it moved and what it ate to find out about.

We found it lived in dry tree places and caves, as it ate leaves from the trees as it was a herbivore.

Then we went to the dinosaur collection where we saw a triceratops, then upstairs to a spinosaurus, then a stegasaurus and little miniature velociraptors – they had remote control velociraptors here as well.

Then you went to see a gigantic, moving tyrannosaurus rex, which was very scary and when I stuck my hand out at it, it went ROAAAOAOOAAOAARR!

That was my visit to the Natural History Museum.