June 11th, 2011 4:33 pm

At Holy Trinity everyone has a Fluffy Day, once a month. This is a day when we are all allowed to choose from a long list of fluffy activities, like sport on the green, maths is art, big art, nutty nature, glass painting, baking, t-shirt painting, guitar, kayaking, kite making, tie-dying, photography and all sorts including visiting the Spectrum for the day which I have chosen this month.

Water Slide

On Friday, the 18th of May I went to the Guildford Spectrum which is a sports centre in Guildford. It took quite a long time to get there because we walked from Holy Trinity to the Spectrum.

When we got there we played tennis for 45 minutes and then did trampolining for 45 minutes which was really fun because the trampoline was really bouncy. Then we had lunch, which was very yummy because my mummy made it for me, while watching old grannies ice skating.

After lunch we went swimming which was the best because I got to go on all the different colour slides before we went back to school.

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2 Responses to “Fluffy Friday – Visit to the Guildford Spectrum”

  1. Liz Says:

    Morgan, our sunshine man, what a fantastic day you had and let’s hope you do get to go again, as you so wish. You are doing SO well at swimming, just have to say it here. I reckon you’ll get to Level 9 by the end of this term : )
    Well done big man and let’s all (Daddy, Joshua, Luke, Savannah, you and me), get to the Spectrum one day and have shed loads of fun… I love you so much. With all my love, Mummy. x xxxx

  2. Irene Says:

    Morgan poppit! Those slides look like SO SO much fun and trampolining is so much fun.. it feels so funny when you are back on solid ground and try to jump and it isn’t bouncy! it’s such a bizarre feeling.
    Thinking of you little muffit!
    Biggest love and kisses

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