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It was really exciting when we finished school on the 15th June because we were going to Africa for 11 days. Mummy was really stressed out because she thought we were going to miss the aeroplane when we were packing the last few things. When all the stuff was packed and we were in the car, Mummy was ok. We were on our way to the airport. Mummy got a bit stressed again because of all the traffic on the M25 and in the last 5 miles before the airport. Luckily we had checked-in online in the morning.

When we got to the airport, the first thing we did was get all our luggage to the check-in where we waited for ages because our tickets to Madrid were not linked. We had to rush to the plane and Daddy was delayed at security because of the jam Mummy bought for my uncles girlfriend Louise. Mummy was really really really stressed because the plane was waiting for Daddy. We were on it already and he was still stuck at security. Luckily, after about 20 minutes of the plane waiting for Daddy, he arrived and said they ‘blew up’ (got rid of) the jam…! We were then on our way to Madrid to get our connecting flight to Johannesburg. Sadly our flight was delayed in Madrid and we had to sleep at the airport. I was up for almost the whole night. When it was time to get onto the plane for Johannesburg we were very disappointed we didn’t have our own DVD screens as they has promised Mummy when she booked with Iberia. They only had them in business class. It was a long, long, long flight but finally we arrived in Johannesburg.

My uncle Paul met us at arrivals and then we went to Hertz to get our hire car which ended up being a mini bus with 10 seats. It was huge and we were really lucky as we had lots of storage space for our luggage. We went to Paul’s house to have a sleep and when we got there Nana nearly fainted as she didn’t know we were coming. She was very pleased to see us all and so it was a good surprise for her. I showed her all my toys, especially the model Iberia plane that we got coming home from Berlin a couple of years ago. We then we had some juice as we were very thirsty. Louise kindly made us very yummy lasagne with bread and butter and a salad. When we finished supper we went to bed.

In the morning after waking up we were really excited because we were going to my Mummy’s godparents farm called Emma, in Ficksburg. It was a very long journey and when we got there, Luke and Savannah were quite scared of Uncle Felix because he has a very loud voice (my Mummy used to be scared of him too when she was a little girl), but he is wonderful and funny. After we met Uncle Felix and Aunty Barbara we went and played on the trampoline and tyre swing. After dark, when it was very cold, we played hide and seek in the farm house with Albert, their grandson, who is 7 years old. The biggest game of all was a pillow fight and we were all fighting against each other and whoever won got the golden pillow. We got really cold so had a hot bath, ate our supper and went to bed.

The following morning we had to get up really early as we were going to Aunty Nora’s party. She is my Mummy’s godmother and it was her 90th surprise birthday party. We met Tim my uncle, Irene my cousin, Nao my aunt and Jo, Tim’s girlfriend and drove in convoy to Bloemfontein which is where the party was held. When we got to Aunty Nora’s party we met a boy and girl called Taegen and Kienna, my Mummy’s friend Mel’s children. They got in the mini bus with us when the party was over and we took them to my Nana’s house for a short time because we were all going out for supper.

Nana’s house was really cool as she had lots of precious stones. Then we went out to dinner to the Spur and it was really funny as Tim was taking photos on his phone and making us all look very fat. I had Appletiser and Joshua had apple juice. Savannah had orange juice and Luke had Appletiser as well. There was a playground outside but Mummy told us to come back again because Kienna had fallen in a large water puddle. Taegen got wet as well and it was very cold and late and we had to still have supper. I had my very first ever chicken burger with chips and then we played on the computer games in the children’s room. Taegen and Kienna had milkshakes and Taegen couldn’t believe Joshua didn’t know what a milkshake was. Taegen and Kienna went back home to Welkom and we went to our B&B to sleep.

In the morning we went to church and we met 2 dogs called Rex and Sammy. They belonged to James who has been the gardener at my granddads old church from more than 30 years ago. They were barking at us but then they realised we were James’ friends so we got to stroke them and they loved us.

It was surprise time. Daddy and Mummy had a surprise for Nana and us and it was a Safari at the Kruger Park. When we got there the gate was closed but Mummy was really worried because she wanted to go into the park and one man said no you can’t go in. When Mummy said she would pay them to get an escort they said yes immediately. We were very happy as we had a free night drive to our cottage in our camp called Berg-en-Dal.

When we woke up, we went on a safari and our guides name was PG. He said we didn’t have to worry even though we were in an open vehicle, we were still safe in it. The first animal we saw was a giraffe then we saw a buffalo and rhino. Next came an elephant and 2 lions. I then spotted a baby giraffe and PG pointed out Zazu (from Lion King : ) a Yellow Billed Hornbill). I was very pleased as I was the first to spot Impala. Impala are buck that are plentiful in the park. We saw lots and lots of termite hills. There were dwarf mongoose on many of the termite hills. They were cute, fast and fun.

We saw a fish eagle flying and lots of Hadedas, birds that make a strange sound when they fly. We first heard them on Felix and Barbaras farm, Emma, when we woke, early the first morning. Here is a list of all the other animals we saw:

Zebras, squirrel, lilac breasted roller, community spiders, Bateleur eagle, helicopter (ha ha), woolly necked stork, grey heron, Nile crocodile, hammerkop nest, Vervet monkeys, blue waxbill, lots of butterflies, kudu, klip springer (a type of buck).

Then we saw a cheetah!! It was just sitting on the side of the road. PG stopped the jeep and we sat and watched it for a while and then it ran into the bush. It came out the other side and walked around and we reversed the jeep to get a better view. It was unbelievable because the cheetah came so close to us, he was only about 3 meters away. He stayed there for ages sniffing and marking the tree and even looked at us for quite a long while. He then went back into the bush but came out in  front of us again. He walked across the road and went to another tree and then disappeared into the bush for good. We drove on all feeling really happy and Mummy was particularly pleased. It was time to go back to our cottage at Berg-en-Dal. Daddy and Mummy let us watch the Cars Toon on Mummy’s Applemac and we had yummy pasta.

In the morning we had tea and rusks and then went and found army ants and fruit that had fallen off some trees, to give to the monkeys that were hanging around us, eager for our food. Soon it was time for breakfast and I took the monkey food to the table with me. We all had breakfast together outside and afterwards we went to feed the monkeys the food we had collected for them. One got so close to Joshua, it tried to snatch the bag out of his hand. It actually reached out for it, right next to Joshua. Then we went back to tell Mummy at the cottage and we discovered that Luke had witnessed a monkey go into our cottage to steal 3 apples that were in polystyrene. We later found just the polystyrene wrappers… !

After lunch we went on the adventure trail that runs around the periphery of the camp. Daddy suggested ice-cream and Nana bought them for us. We saw what we thought was a big rock until it moved. It was actually a hippopotamus. We walked on and saw 2 baby crocodiles and waterbuck. There were tons of terrapin turtles on the bank. Joshua counted 32!

We moved on and saw a sausage tree. Daddy explained what it was as he and Mummy had first seen them in Zambia a couple of years ago. We continued walking and eventually it was time to go back but we saw another sausage tree and the fruit had fallen to the ground. We picked some up to take it back to our cottage.

We then went to the shop in the camp and bought fresh rump steak and boerewors for the braai. Daddy was just fantastic cooking the meat. It was SO delicious when we ate it. We are supposed to be vegetarians (aaarrggghhhhhhhh!) but the meat in Africa is too tempting to not eat :-)

On our third day we went on another safari drive with PG. We saw so much. Elephant, giraffe, buffalo, rollers, scops owl, white backed vulture, we also spotted hyena spoor. Mummy was over the moon because we saw a leopard in the grass. He was watching some Impala close by. PG then took us to a river/bird lookout and Luke found a snake skin on the way. When we got to the lookout we saw a Pied Kingfisher, Cormorant and a big hippopotamus. On the way back to the jeep, we had to run because there was an elephant close by. It was very exciting and at first I thought it was a lion PG was warning us about. We drove back to the camp which was quite a long way.

When we woke, it was our last day and we were all quite sad. We got in our own car and drove back to the main gate. On the way to the gate we saw another cheetah. Cars were piling there trying to get a good view of him. We went on as we’d seen a fantastic view of a cheetah two days before. We found a fantastic hotel called The Old Transvaal Inn in Dullstroom where we unpacked our things and headed for the restaurant. It was freezing outside and luckily there was a Kidz Room next to the roaring log fire where Nana, Daddy and Mummy settled for the night. We had yummy chicken strips and a milkshake each. Our pudding, while we were watching Charlottes Web, were pancakes and waffles. We went to our room but as it was so cold, Daddy and Mummy said we should sleep in their room in the two single beds which we pushed together. We were all snug as bugs in rugs and watched the rest of Charlotte’s Web.

The next morning after breakfast we were allowed to choose something from the wonderful old fashioned sweet shop. We all chose a big big big big big big colourful lollipop. After that we drove to Carol’s house in Johannesburg where we had another yummy braai and jumped on the trampoline with Jonathan, Carol’s son who is also 7 years old, like Albert at the farm Emma. We had a fantastic time and then it was time to go to sleep.

In the morning we went to Paul’s house and had some croissants. Paul took us all to lunch at his local restaurant where he played chess with Daddy and Joshua again. It was time to say good-bye so we could get our flight home.

When we got home we were all really sad our Africa holiday was over and so I wrote this all up for you.

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