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Fluffy Friday – Visit to the Guildford Spectrum

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

At Holy Trinity everyone has a Fluffy Day, once a month. This is a day when we are all allowed to choose from a long list of fluffy activities, like sport on the green, maths is art, big art, nutty nature, glass painting, baking, t-shirt painting, guitar, kayaking, kite making, tie-dying, photography and all sorts including visiting the Spectrum for the day which I have chosen this month.

Water Slide

On Friday, the 18th of May I went to the Guildford Spectrum which is a sports centre in Guildford. It took quite a long time to get there because we walked from Holy Trinity to the Spectrum.

When we got there we played tennis for 45 minutes and then did trampolining for 45 minutes which was really fun because the trampoline was really bouncy. Then we had lunch, which was very yummy because my mummy made it for me, while watching old grannies ice skating.

After lunch we went swimming which was the best because I got to go on all the different colour slides before we went back to school.

Marwell Zoo

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I went on a visit to Marwell Zoo with the school.

When we got there we got into our groups and my group headed off to the penguins. They  were about 2 feet tall and sort of white, but with black bits smudged everywhere, with orange-brown beaks. Some were swimming and some were on the rocks surrounding the pond.

We next went to see some cheetahs outside in their enclosure – they were watching the wild horses on the other side of the fence. Then we went to the giraffes, which were very tall! We saw one in a big house and then went outside to see it. I got very close to it.

After that we went to a ‘bat’ house which was very dark. There were fruit bats in there who were after the fruit hanging from the trees, and big bats with bodies the size of a dinner plate.

We saw a tiger, which was from China, according to the sign, and which was endangered.

After our packed lunch, we saw some secretary birds in an enclosure – they are gray, with red feathers around their face. Unfortunately, we saw a little chick which seemed to have fallen from it’s nest in a tree and had died.

Back in our groups we then went off the the rhinos, which were as big as a car, with skin which was all gray and shrinkled with two big horns on their noses.

On our way back we saw cute meercats which had babies, some of who were burrowing, white-tigers, kangaroos and warthogs but we had to get back to the coach to take us back to school.

I drew some pictures as we were walking round the zoo.

Dinosaur Museum

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010


Picture 1 of 11

Here are some pictures of the Dinosaur display museum which I produced throughout the term and which we displayed druing an open day, which my Mummy and Daddy came to.

Head Teacher’s Award – Dinosaur Description

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

I made up a description of a dinosaur for our year’s end of term museum. ¬†Everyone was included in it and we all had to do a little model world for our dinosaurs, a description, lifecycle (birth, marriage, death) and a Jurassic park drawing.

This is a description of my Mungasauros

  • The mungasauros was a very, very large predator who’s tail was 10 times longer that a normal windowsill
  • They walked on 2 legs
  • Their skin was stripy and multi-coloured (Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Grey, Brown and Purple)
  • They were up to 4km tall
  • They weighed as much as 10 Brachiosaur’s standing on top of each other.
  • They had a tattoo on the back of both eyes
  • They stood upright, and had tiny hands like a T-Rex
  • Their necks were as thick as 1,000 cm

I got a Head Teacher’s gold award for my description of my dinosaur.