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Fluffy Friday – Visit to the Guildford Spectrum

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

At Holy Trinity everyone has a Fluffy Day, once a month. This is a day when we are all allowed to choose from a long list of fluffy activities, like sport on the green, maths is art, big art, nutty nature, glass painting, baking, t-shirt painting, guitar, kayaking, kite making, tie-dying, photography and all sorts including visiting the Spectrum for the day which I have chosen this month.

Water Slide

On Friday, the 18th of May I went to the Guildford Spectrum which is a sports centre in Guildford. It took quite a long time to get there because we walked from Holy Trinity to the Spectrum.

When we got there we played tennis for 45 minutes and then did trampolining for 45 minutes which was really fun because the trampoline was really bouncy. Then we had lunch, which was very yummy because my mummy made it for me, while watching old grannies ice skating.

After lunch we went swimming which was the best because I got to go on all the different colour slides before we went back to school.

Marwell Zoo

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I went on a visit to Marwell Zoo with the school.

When we got there we got into our groups and my group headed off to the penguins. They  were about 2 feet tall and sort of white, but with black bits smudged everywhere, with orange-brown beaks. Some were swimming and some were on the rocks surrounding the pond.

We next went to see some cheetahs outside in their enclosure – they were watching the wild horses on the other side of the fence. Then we went to the giraffes, which were very tall! We saw one in a big house and then went outside to see it. I got very close to it.

After that we went to a ‘bat’ house which was very dark. There were fruit bats in there who were after the fruit hanging from the trees, and big bats with bodies the size of a dinner plate.

We saw a tiger, which was from China, according to the sign, and which was endangered.

After our packed lunch, we saw some secretary birds in an enclosure – they are gray, with red feathers around their face. Unfortunately, we saw a little chick which seemed to have fallen from it’s nest in a tree and had died.

Back in our groups we then went off the the rhinos, which were as big as a car, with skin which was all gray and shrinkled with two big horns on their noses.

On our way back we saw cute meercats which had babies, some of who were burrowing, white-tigers, kangaroos and warthogs but we had to get back to the coach to take us back to school.

I drew some pictures as we were walking round the zoo.

My Summer Holiday

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

During the summer holiday, I did lots of fun things with Mummy, Daddy and my brothers and sister. This is a quick list of the stuff that I was busy with for 6 weeks before school restarted.


I had a week of swimming lessons which I’ve written about already.


We went down to the coast to Portsmouth and Southsea to spend a morning playing.

  • Brachiosaurus – A gigantic dinosaur on Southsea common, which was black – We walked underneath it and slid on it’s tail.
  • Hovercraft – From the Isle of Wight to Southsea, and everytime it came in it sprayed us with water ūüėÜ
  • Pain au raison – Crunchy outside but soft inside, tasted like custard with¬†raisins and a croissant all rolled into one.
  • Threw stones like hovercraft flying through the air.

Clandon Park

Mummy took us to the National trust house, Clandon Park to visit the house and play games

  • Played games – Cricket, maze, noughts and crosses
  • In the house – secret door in the library, old furniture – seats with holly on them, pictures of Lord Nelson and the Queen in her palace, marble hall,
  • In the garden – orange ladybird, Pine cone game


Mummy and Daddy went to holiday in America so our friend Karen came to look after us for a week or so. We also did tons of stuff with her!

  • Clay models – Snowmen, doughnuts, carrots, cars, people from ‘Lego Batman’
  • Little Angels – Nets, ball pools, rope bridges, soft rollers.
  • Aquarium (Portsmouth) – Clown ‘Nemo’ fish, Blue Tang ‘Dory’ fish, sea urchins, Stingray,¬†Piranhas, star fish, sharks, turtles, frogs, snakes, sea otters, bought slidey, slodgy things. Karen didn’t like the Octopus.
  • Saw a mouse, and tried to catch it. Made a house for it.
  • Made a holiday book


When Mummy and Daddy came back we went down to Devon and stayed in at the Duke’s Hotel in Sidmouth.

  • Went to rock pools and found starfish, crabs, sea¬†anemones, prawns and fish
  • Threw stones at beach, made a wall – with sand and rocks, to stop the sea. It worked :smile:
  • Saw Nan and Grandad, and Bob and Helen
  • Toffee-fudge ice cream with a normal cone and then a chocolate cone
  • Watched Lewis Hamilton win Belgian Grand Prix in ‘The Anchor’

Visit to Natural History Museum

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I was very excited about this visit, while I was travelling to London in the middle of a coach with my friends – I was sitting with Alisdair and Solomon.

We got off the coach near the gate close to the museum, and saw a china elephant inside the museum, which had beautiful patterns on it – it was white, yellow, green and pink!

When we went inside I saw a Brachiosaurus, made out of old blacky, brown bones just standing there in the main entrance hall area. I reckon it was about 20ft high and 100ft long with at least 1000 bones :-)

We got into our little groups made out of six people and then we went to see the blue whale. ¬†On our way we saw some stuffed animals, such as a sabre-toothed tiger and lots of bats, one which was as small as a bee, a vampire bat and one which was as big as a small dog with a ¬Ĺ metre wingspan. ¬†We also saw lots of animals that looked like moles, that could dig.


The blue whale was about the size of our front garden and stuffed! It was blue and white with black spots.  We also saw some other smaller whale skeletons in the air above the blue whale.

After lunch we had a scientist research project on a particular dinosaur which we picked ourselves from 5 or 6 choices which we had to agree as a group.  We chose the Glytodon.  We had sheets of questions about where it lived, how it moved and what it ate to find out about.

We found it lived in dry tree places and caves, as it ate leaves from the trees as it was a herbivore.

Then we went to the dinosaur collection where we saw a triceratops, then upstairs to a spinosaurus, then a stegasaurus and little miniature velociraptors – they had remote control velociraptors here as well.

Then you went to see a gigantic, moving tyrannosaurus rex, which was very scary and when I stuck my hand out at it, it went ROAAAOAOOAAOAARR!

That was my visit to the Natural History Museum.


Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Yesterday, Mummy, Joshua and I went to the cinema to see Avatar.

Avatar Exo-SkeletonI loved the movie because of the army machines that were in it and also the battle scene at the end which was very dramatic.

I really enjoyed the big ‘Helicopter’ at the end.

Visit to HMS Victory

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Hi – This is my account of my visit to HMS Victory.

We travelled down to HMS Victory in Portsmouth in our school bus on the 9th February 2010.

HMS Victory

HMS Victory

When I got there I went to the museum and we were told a lot about what it was like to be a sailor on Nelson’s flagship, the most famous ship in Portsmouth, from 1778.

When we went onto the ship, we had to duck down through a very small, square door which was between two rows of the 100 cannons on the middle deck.  The decks are made of wood and many are the original planks that the sailors used to walk on.

The ship has three decks which we went round.  The second deck is full of cannons and we were shown how they would have worked in the past.

We looked at equipment from the time, like compasses and how to use them and we were shown examples of the type of food that they used to eat. ¬†We also dressed up in old fashioned sailor’s clothes.

We were told if the sailor ‘misbehaved’ then the would have been ‘whipped’ with the cat-of-nine tails and then they would have been taken down to the ‘hospital’ deck where they would have had salt or vinegar rubbed onto the wounds (that must’ve really stung!)

We also saw HMS Warrior, a later ship (from 1865) which is also in Portsmouth which is the last of the remaining Iron-Clad ships made at the time.