Swimming Week

Aug 06

This week I’ve done my first week of swimming – a rather intensive course, but it was ok as my Mummy was with me all the time.

During the week I learned to get used to putting my face under the water, I splashed my feet while holding onto the wall at the side of the pool and had great fun bouncing up and down blowing bubbles as I splashed and bounced under the water.

My greatest moment was learning to float like a starfish in the water.

I had a great week – thanks Mummy.

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2 Responses to “Swimming Week”

  1. Panene says:

    You super duper star fish swimmer!! Sounds like you have been having alot of fun tiny :) xxxx

  2. Joshua says:

    WELL DONE! Savannah, sounds like you are doing very well with your swimming. It also looks like you are doing well with your starfish float. Under the water when you blue bubbles I guess you are very proud of your self and carry on practising on your bike riding.

    Love lots from Joshua :]

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