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Nana and Bush Holiday

Jul 09

My Daddy, Mummy, brothers Joshua, Morgan and Luke and I all went on a big aeroplane to Africa. I ate some food on the aeroplane and it was yummy.

I just love Nana so much I was very excited to see her. We got to my Uncle Paul’s house where I ran to Nana and gave her a big hug and kiss. I was very happy to see her. She was very happy to see me too.

I met my little baby cousin Nicholas who is 4 months old and very cute. I also met his cat called William. He is a ginger cat and loved us stroking him.

I loved going to see Irene and Jo and Tim. They were also in Africa.

We went to the farm called Emma in Ficksburg and I played with the toys and jumped on the trampoline. Next to the trampoline was a field with lots of sheep. I looked at the sheep for a long time. I ate yummy crunchies that Aunty Barbara made. I just WISH I could go to the farm again. I like Uncle Felix and his big loud voice. He made me laugh.

I tasted the morning breakfast yummy porridge putu pap and loved it so much.

We then went to Aunty Nora’s party in Bloemfontein. She turned 90 years old. There was a lovely big carousel and I sat on the dog. I had great fun going round and round. After the party we went to my Mummy’s old house where Nana lives. It was good to se her and we played with all sorts of things. Nana gave us precious stones and I have a whole bag now. We are very lucky.

We went to the Kruger Park and stayed in a fun cottage. We all slept together and had rusks and tea before going on the jeep for the day. We saw lots and lots of animals and my favourite is the giraffe because he has a friendly face. I also saw a big giant ostrich, elephants, lions and a cheetah and leopard. We saw another cheetah on our last day. He walked through the grass and onto the road. I liked his spots.

I loved my holiday in South Africa and  I hope to see Nana again soon.

There are some more pictures which my mummy and daddy took on my South Africa 2011 Gallery