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Montessori Days

Sep 24

I go to the Montessori Nursery school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Stretchy Dinoaurs

I go with my friends Ollie, Florence and Beckisha and we like to play with lots of toys, like shapes and blocks and triangles which we use to play music and sing songs like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little star.

We also play with dinosaurs, which I like, especially the pink one in the picture which my brother Joshua, tells me is a ‘Parasauolophus’.

We also draw lots of pictures and over the past few weeks I have done some fish, a whale, a tornado and hobby horse and a sheep.

I have lunch with Ollie at midday and then come home with my mummy.


Feb 27

This is my page for my recent drawings which I’ll be adding to as I grow up.

I hope you enjoy them – leave me some comments if you think they are good!

Playing Puzzles

Feb 19

This week I’ve been doing my Mr Men puzzles upstairs with Mummy.

MissDaredevilIt has pictures of Mr Tickle (he has long arms), Mr Plaster (Mr Bump), Mr Messy (he’s very pink) and Little Miss Daredevil (she’s my favourite, especially with her pink rocket backpack!).

We also had sweets in the car during the week, which was a treat.

I also played with my pink bear, Mr teddy, and with Luke a lot of the time during the week which was also great fun.