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First Days at School

Sep 14

I started school last week :-)

Off to School

It was very exciting to be going to school, and I am very excited to be in Hazel class. On my first day my teacher, Emily, smiled all day because we were having such fun and I also saw Luke, when he came into our class.

Since then I have spent plenty of time in the Rainbow Room, where there are dressing up costumes, a sandpit to play in and a ‘snow’ play area as well.

We have started our jolly-phonics and I have had my first book home to read with mummy and daddy, which was about floppy the dog playing ‘fetch’.

In our break time I have played outside with all the other children and I have really enjoyed playing in the pirate ship in our back playground.

I am very happy with my school uniform, including my shoes and socks, which I think are very pretty.